How to draw a terrible eye Because I’m procrastinating my History homework :)

Welcome peasants to the depths of my despair and boredom. I’m supposed to be reading history right now but frankly I’ve read so much World War junk that my head is about to be blown off. Also, we might be having a third one soon if Trump fails. Whatever. If you’re seeing this post, congratulations you. This will probably be deleted within the next 48 hours maybe 24. So sit your pretty butts down you’re gonna learn how to draw an eyeball from the person with the least artistic talent in the universe. You’re welcome.

Finished Result:



First things first we gotta draw an oval with to points on the sides. Pretty simple. I think we all know how to draw an oval.


Now draw a circle inside the pointy weird lookin oval.


*Sorry I didn’t edit these so tilt your head.

Now draw a tear drop thing at the top corner of your eye (this is for lighting).


Now the fun part. Fill the pupil in with black (I used charcoal).


Now if you’re using charcoal you gotta go smudgy smudgy. With your blendy thingy. I don’t know names so I’m making this up as I go.


Outline the whole thing in charcoal/black and start adding eyelashes.

(For eyelashes don’t draw random lines start at the eyelid and draw quick strokes in an up direction)


Add the lines, shading, eyelashes, and you should be done.



Author: Abby

Hi I'm Abby. A fangirl and a blogger who LOVES food, books, movies, shoes, and more food. I have two blogs The Blog of a Fangirl and Breakfast with the Dolls. One is for my American girl dolls. The other is my life/fandoms. I hope you enjoy them. -Abby Abby

16 thoughts on “How to draw a terrible eye Because I’m procrastinating my History homework :)”

  1. If it’s WWI I understand your pain!😐 Good job with the eye, btw! I have troubles with eyes and lips!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. I don’t get what you were trying to say. Are you saying that you are learning WWI or what? Thanks!


    1. WELL THANK YOU!! IT’S LITERALLY THE ONLY THING I CAN DRAW WITHOUT A GUIDE!!! Flowers are cool man keep drawing flowers. Maybe we’ll both end up with jobs that consist of drawing flowers and eyes. Thanks though I’m still procrastinating school so πŸ˜€ :D.

      Liked by 1 person

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