Happy Birthday J. !!

Why do I not know when everyone’s birthday is????!! Anyway if your reading this GO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WISH JULIA A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TWO DAYS LATE!!



Author: Abby

Hi I'm Abby. A fangirl and a blogger who LOVES food, books, movies, shoes, and more food. I have two blogs The Blog of a Fangirl and Breakfast with the Dolls. One is for my American girl dolls. The other is my life/fandoms. I hope you enjoy them. -Abby Abby

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday J. !!”

  1. aye mate so i’m trying to skype you but you won’t pop up on my skype and it says i have to send you a contact request ?? i honestly don’t know what’s happening (bc i’m stupid xD )so.

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