Cooking with Hazel/Green Smoothie

I don’t know when this became a thing. But it is for now. Especially since I’m 111% out of ideas. So I’ll hand this over to Hazel, and I’ll go look at Pinterest for ideas and let’s just hope we end up with something besides smoothies. (Note: I know proper English this is just my attempt at dialogue)


Hi, so welcome to cooking with Hazel. I’m a recovering vegan because bacon and reasons. But Essie’s still a veggie…..person.Β  Yeah. So in celebration?? Of that. We’re gonna make a green smoothie. It’s gonna look disgusting but oddly they taste really good even Brie likes them now.


So you’ll need a blender. So you can shred stuff like My Chem did to your heart. I mean you can try not using a blender but I don’t think that will work. You can try it I’m not blender racist or anything but I don’t think a potato masher is gonna work for you.


Alright so you need fruit, kale or spinach preferably kale but both is better, water, ice, yogurt, and a lemon maybe? I don’t know if lemon does anything, you won’t taste it. For some reason I always added it, I don’t know why but….. yeah.


Blend your leaves and water together first. Otherwise, you’ll be making green mush and it might taste good but I doubt it. So blend those two together first.


Now it looks REALLY gross and it smells it. Actually at any time don’t smell this thing because it will always smell disgusting. This is probably why people don’t drink this stuff but it weirdly tastes good.




It looks a little better once you add the yogurt and the……Where is the honey??


Ok so we lost the honey. Again another ingredient that probably doesn’t effect taste and I don’t know why I always add it but I usually do. Well we don’t have honey.


Now we add the fruit.



Thanks for Reading FAREWELL


Author: Abby

Hi I'm Abby. A fangirl and a blogger who LOVES food, books, movies, shoes, and more food. I have two blogs The Blog of a Fangirl and Breakfast with the Dolls. One is for my American girl dolls. The other is my life/fandoms. I hope you enjoy them. -Abby Abby

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